Synchroton Units

Paper Abstract Booklet

     The Synchroton ® Scalar Synchronizers model C- 30 series are experimental devices that emit low intensity (6 to 60 milliwatts average power consumption) electromagnetic potential waves pulsed at the Schumann fundamental frequency of 7.83 cycles per second.

       This contains information useful to both the user and the healthcare provider. A brief discussion of health effects of electromagnetic (EM) pollution is presented. The rationale for the design of these units as shields against EM pollution is explained and preliminary results are tabulated. Some selected publications are listed at the end of the booklet into two sections: Publications written for the layman; and technical publications aimed at the academician and healthcare provider.

  In order to assist in the evaluation of these units, a chart is supplied HERE to record observations daily for 28 days, alternating weekly without and with the units.


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