About Us

Dr. Guy Abraham incorporated Optimox in 1978, as a way to offer the results of his many years of investigation. Dr. Abraham conducted extensive studies in nutrition, chemistry, biochemistry, and the properties of minerals with an emphasis on silicates, iodine, magnesium, gold and silver. He published many papers on all aspects of nutrition. His main medical interest was in gynecology.

Dr. Abraham developed the preeminent high potency iodine/potassium iodide supplement, Iodoral®, as a preferred tableted form of Lugol solution. To prevent gastric irritation, Dr. Abraham invented a colloidal silica excipient, patented as Micosolle®, as well as several nutritional formulas to support iodine repletion and general health. Dr. Abraham’s formulas have been successfully used for many decades.

"Orthoiodo-supplementation should be part of a complete nutritional program, emphasizing magnesium instead of calcium. Medical iodophobia is the unwarranted fear of using and recommending inorganic, non-radioactive iodine/iodide within the range known from the collective experience of three generations of clinicians to be the safest and most effective amounts for treating symptoms and signs of iodine/iodide deficiency (12.5-50mg/day)." – Dr. Guy Abraham

40 years of experience formulating original and leading-edge products.

Unique and innovative products using scientific, evidence-based research.

Third-party testing with certified independent analytical laboratories.

Products meet or exceed cGMP requirements established by the FDA.